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Harvest Plant:

4241 US 75 Avenue

Sioux Center, IA  51250


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Fabrication Plant:

2800 Murray Street

Sioux City, IA  51111


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About Us



Sioux-Preme Packing Co. has two locations right the heart of hog country.  Both plants are located in the largest hog producing state in the United States.  Our harvest facility is located in Sioux Center, IA.  With capital improvements over the past few years, we now have a daily harvest capacity of nearly 4,000 head per day.  Our fabrication facility is located in Sioux City, IA. 

Our Sioux City location is located just a block from I-29 in Sioux City, IA.  I-90 is about 80 miles North and I-80 is about 80 miles South of our plant.  Our close proximity to these major interstates mean that we can assist with all your transportation needs.  We are currently constructing a new addition onto our fabrication facility to add more fabrication capacity. This expansion has an expected completion date of late Spring 2007. 

Sioux-Preme Packing Co. is unique in the meat packing industry-we're one of the few small, pork processors who has survived and prospered in the highly competitive, rapidly changing environment the industry has experienced in the last three decades. Since 1969 we've been producing quality pork products to meet the needs of growing consumer demands.  Our specialties include providing custom harvest and processing for customers who require special needs such as segregation related to antibiotic free, natural, organic, or breed specific products.

We currently ship products throughout North America in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  We also supply our products to countries overseas such as Japan and Korea.

Over the past few years, we have added a number of features to our facilities to provide our customers with the best quality products available.  These improvements have led us to increase our daily harvest capacity to nearly 4,000 head per day.

CO2 Stunning

Our recently installed CO2 stunning machine brings a number of advantages to our operation versus electric stunning:

  • More humane

  • Less stress on the animals before harvest

  • Less blood splash and bruising

  • Reduction in PSE

  • Better meat quality

New Livestock Handling Facility

Our new 3,000 head livestock handling facility has allowed us to increase our volume to keep up with our customers' demands.  Our new facility was designed with meat quality and safety in mind.  For example, the pens are build with gates that form 45 degree angles when open so that the hogs don't encounter 90 degree angles when separated into separate pens.  The floor was also created with an anti slip surface.  Items such as these both reduce stress on the hogs, thus increasing meat quality, and reduce injuries.

New Carcass Storage Cooler

Our new carcass cooler storage cooler has also allowed up to increase our volume.  More cooler space means that we can harvest more hogs per day and still get them chilled in time for quick delivery to our customers or our fabrication plant.  The new cooler has also been equipped with state of the art software which controls temperature and water spray.  This helps reduce carcass shrink by keeping the meat moist and also increases the meat quality.

New Fabrication Addition

We are currently in the process of constructing an addition to our fabrication facility in Sioux City.  This expansion will increase our fabrication capacity significantly.  The increased capacity will allow us to continue meeting our customers' specific needs.  The additional room will mean that we can continue doing specialty cuts for our customers in a timely and price effective manner.