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Harvest Plant:

4241 US 75 Avenue

Sioux Center, IA  51250


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Fabrication Plant:

2800 Murray Street

Sioux City, IA  51111


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Sioux Preme Packing Company’s live hog buying program has always been unique in the fact that we consider ourselves not being “mainstream”.

Currently our procurement program has many options for your marketing needs.  We continue to purchase light hogs (weighing 150-230# live weight), market weight butcher hogs (weighing 230-290# live weight), heavy cull gilts (weighing 300-350# live weight), roaster pigs (weighing 80-150# live weight) and butcher size, intact boars (weighing 200-300# live weight).

Sioux-Preme has provided herd health "slaughter checks" as a service to our producers for many years. These checks, provided either through your personal vet or a vet from the local area, allow you to get first-hand information on your herd health, not only for the current group you are marketing, but also health trends that can be identified in order to react quickly to any potential health problems in future groups to be marketed.

Another major area of focus at Sioux Preme is meat quality.  Meat quality is more important than just the leanness of the carcass.  Meat quality factors include water-holding capacity, color and taste.  Sioux Preme has been performing meat quality evaluations since 2002 for many producers, purebred breeders, swine genetic companies, pharmaceutical companies, and feed companies requesting these quality evaluations on a monthly basis. We realize meat quality information is important to everyone in this business from producer/supply side to consumer/demand side.

For more details please contact our Procurement Department at (877) 892-8869.

Sioux Preme Packing Company proudly supports the PQA Plus, TQA, and the We Care programs.

We Care Program: http://www.porkcares.com/

PQA Program: http://www.pork.org/certification/default.aspx

TQA Program: http://www.pork.org/Certification/10/tqa.aspx